M.Tech 3 Year

  • 3-Year M.Tech Curriculum: The course list and the total credits for 3-year MTech will be same as the 2-year MTech counterparts with the following variations:
  • (a) Course work must be finished within 5 semesters. The student can plan the course distribution in consultation with the guide.
  • (b) The student must be enrolled for at least three credits and at most 12 credits of course-work eachsemester till the end of his/her course work.
  • (c) As the thesis credits are not fixed, but vary across the semesters, the following course numbers can beused for different semesters.
Semester Code Cred. Course-Title
Semester 1 ME5915 (variable) M.tech (3-year) Thesis (sem-1)
Semester 2 ME5925 (variable) M.tech (3-year) Thesis (sem-2)
Semester 3 ME6915 (variable) M.tech (3-year) Thesis (sem-3)
Semester 4 ME6925 (variable) M.tech (3-year) Thesis (sem-4)
Semester 5 ME7915 (variable) M.tech (3-year) Thesis (sem-5)
Semester 6 ME7925 (variable) M.tech (3-year) Thesis (sem-6)