M.Tech Aerospace Engineering

MTech in AE (2020)

Courses of Study

Semester 1

Code Cred. Course-Title
ME5010 3 Mathematical Methods for Engineers
AE5010 3 Introduction to Flight
ME5130 3 Finite Element Method
AE5020 3 Aerospace Structural Mechanics
LAXXXX 1 English Communication

Semester 2

Code Cred. Course-Title
AE5030 3 Flight Vehicle Aerodynamics
ME5700 3 Analysis and Design of Composite Structures
MEXXXX 1 Seminar
MEXXXX 6 Department Electives
MEXXXX 1 Industry Lectures

Semester 2 - Electives

Code Cred. Course-Title
ME5610 3 Fracture Mechanics
ME5690 3 Advanced FEM
AE5040 3 Aeroelasticity
ME5723 3 Experimental Solid Mechanics
ME6040 3 Machine Learning and Its Applications
ME5810 3 Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME5860 1 Introduction to Combustion and Reactor Models
ME5870 2 Chemical Kinetics and Modeling in Reacting Flows
ME5280 3 Hypersonic and High Temperature Aerodynamics

Semester 3

Code Cred. Course-Title
ME6005 12 Thesis Stage-1

Semester 4

Code Cred. Course-Title
ME6505 12 Thesis Stage-2