Ms. Dhanalakshmi S

My journey in the department of MAE at IITH has been nothing short of incredible. It has helped me mould my personality and has given me valuable experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime. The opportunity to work with well qualified academic personnel together with excellent research facilities have helped me enhance my research career. Participation in reputed national and international academic events have been encouraged, thereby keeping me updated with the latest developments in my research field. Active involvement in extra curricular activities like being a member of the Aero club have also favored my all-round personality development. Overall, I am very thankful to IITH for a highly rewarding experience.

Ms. Meenu Agarwal

I have seen the growth of the MAE department at IITH from its beginnings at ODF campus to its establishment as a full-fledged department with laboratories in its permanent building in Kandi campus. My research journey here of around 8 years (M.Tech and PhD) has taught me a lot. We helped build the labs from scratch, procuring equipment, getting space, learning different procedures involved with the purchase and so on. Just like to get a good cup of coffee, you need the right mix of sugar, milk, coffee beans and water, similarly a good PhD thesis requires good laboratory facilities, able guidance as external support and personal qualities such as hard work, perseverance towards the goals in spite of failures and so forth. I have been fortunate to get excellent support from the MAE department and also to have cultivated some of the qualities required to do research through the wonderful environment I got here. Life at MAE is also fun through fun events such as on teacher’s day, department day, lab dinners and other avenues to relax while giving an opportunity to cultivate life-long friends.