Faculty Recruitment

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is seeking faculty applications at all levels. Candidates with an outstanding record in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Robotics; Mechatronics; Automation
  • Digital & smart (like sensors, IIOT) manufacturing systems; Industry 4.0 & digital twins
  • Mechanics of manufacturing processes
  • Flight mechanics, flight controls, and satellite controls
  • UAVs design and development
  • Bio-inspired mechanical & aero systems
  • AI & ML for mechanical and aerospace applications

To apply, please visit: Faculty Hiring Portal

Faculty Search Committee:

Prof. Venkatesham (venkatesham@mae.iith.ac.in) (Convener )

Prof. Surya Kumar (ssurya@mae.iith.ac.in)

Dr. Syed Nizamuddin Khaderi (snk@mae.iith.ac.in)

Dr. Lakshmana Chandrala (lchandrala@mae.iith.ac.in)

*Please send queries related to faculty hiring to Dr.Lakshmana Chandrala ( lchandrala@mae.iith.ac.in )

Staff Recruitment

Staff Recruitment