Faculty Recruitment

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is seeking applications for the post of Professor. Candidates with outstanding research record in the area of nonlinear dynamics may apply.

For applying please visit:

Faculty Hiring Portal

Faculty Search Committee:

Prof. Ashok Kumar Pandey (ashok@mae.iith.ac.in) (Convener )

Prof. Surya Kumar (ssurya@mae.iith.ac.in)

Dr. Syed Nizamuddin Khaderi (snk@mae.iith.ac.in)

Dr. Lakshmana Chandrala (lchandrala@mae.iith.ac.in)

*Any queries related to faculty hiring please send it to Dr.Lakshmana Chandrala ( lchandrala@mae.iith.ac.in )

Staff Recruitment

Staff Recruitment